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Black Friday and Holiday Season 2022 - Online Marketing Tips
November 18, 2022

Black Friday and Holiday Season 2022 – Online Marketing Tips

Watch out…ready…Black Friday and Holidays! Recession here or there, one thing is already certain: the Black Friday shopping period,which is also gaining popularity in Hungary, will not be missed in 2022. However, an important question is how e-retailers can adapt well to the current, undoubtedly difficult conditions?Which digital marketing tools should you turn to in the coming period? Let’s see what the Growww […]

Using Chrome DevTools for SEO purposes 1
August 3, 2022

Using Chrome DevTools for SEO purposes

A SEO professional has a wide range of tools to choose from: depending on the specific task, there are free and paid tools also available. If you have a technical problem, one very useful tool is Chrome Developer Tools. Most SEO specialists will either press Ctrl+Shift+I (Command+Option+I on a Mac) or click on More tools […]

Server clicks and what's behind them
June 3, 2022

Server clicks and what’s behind them

You don’t hear much about server clicks or robot clicks, but it’s important to know that they exist and may affect your email. Spambots, firewalls, and filters are all email scanning programs that check incoming emails, the validity and authenticity of the links in them, scan for malicious attachments, and then decide whether to categorize our […]


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