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Hi we are Effectix

We are a team of more than 55 marketing professionals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We execute performance campaigns in Google Ads, Sklik, Facebook, and on other platforms. Our SEO specialists take care of organic search results. The content and social media department prepares strong concepts, designs, and executes the campaign. The team of project managers keeps an eye on smooth campaign execution and delivery of results. Each of us has a part to play in the team. Above all, we love online marketing and understand it. We are here to apply our extensive knowledge to further each client’s success.

Campaigns that work together

We always try to look at a client’s business from multiple perspectives. That’s why we work in teams composed of different specializations. Each specialist looks at the client from a different point of view. As a result, we help clients make the most of all available online channels.

Effectix is one of the 16 Key Google Partners in the Czech Republic. We manage advertising budgets for more than 100 clients worth millions of euros. We have a Google Certified Trainer in our team. We are members of in the Czech Republic and IAB Slovakia in Slovakia.

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