November 18, 2022

Black Friday and Holiday Season 2022 – Online Marketing Tips


Watch out…ready…Black Friday and Holidays!

Recession here or there, one thing is already certain: the Black Friday shopping period,
which is also gaining popularity in Hungary, will not be missed in 2022.

However, an important question is how e-retailers can adapt well to the current, undoubtedly difficult conditions?
Which digital marketing tools should you turn to in the coming period?

Let’s see what the Growww Digital experts recommend:

Paid ads: Google Ads, Facebook Ads

Be alert! During the holiday period, the search volume can increase significantly in a short time, especially during sales periods. Monitor your accounts, daily budgets, and conversions. Even a short stoppage in campaigns can cause a serious loss of income.

Price comparators

Price comparison sites will be even more important this year than last year. In today’s price-sensitive market environment, everyone wants to make sure they’re getting a good deal, so they check for bargain prices and reviews before buying. Where else would you do it than on a price comparison site. If you are not at the top and your prices and reviews are not good enough, you are already at a disadvantage.

Shopping ads

A lot of excitement is to be expected in the area of ​​Shopping ads as well. Set up the feed well in advance, the pictures, product names, etc. should be good, because if you start rushing in the big hair, it’s already bad.

It’s time to review your settings and smooth out the remaining errors in Merchant Center. If you want to be prepared, check out our webinar on the topic, where we gave some tips for preparing for the season.


Take advantage of the price advantage of up to 20%!
We cannot fail to emphasize that by setting up the CSS solution, you can run your Shopping ads much cheaper. This can only be provided to you by a partner company certified by Google, such as Growwww Digital. If you haven’t tested it yet, here’s your chance to get ahead of your competitors.
Try it now risk -free.


Social Media

During Black Friday, the major players will certainly be prominently featured on the various social media platforms, and a significant number of the smaller e-retailers are probably also devoting significant resources to their campaigns, so it is not worth missing out, as the number of searches on Facebook also increases by leaps and bounds during this period, from which you can drive significant traffic to the online store.

But exactly what you can do to stand out from the crowd of advertisers varies by platform.

Facebook – It is worth advertising to different target groups, and e.g. create a special creative for existing customers and cart abandoners, if you can create such a target audience based on the pixel (e.g. you can address them with text like this: “We know you’ve been wanting it for a long time, and now we’re offering it to you at an incredible discount”)

Instagram – The good news is that from now on, stickers can be used on stories with less than 10,000 followers. It is worth taking advantage of this and preparing for Black Friday with several creatives featuring stickers.

TikTok – In 2022, TikTok is considered a must-have if you are serious about your Black Friday campaign. However, it is worth preparing in advance – test the creatives of TikTok campaigns weeks in advance and don’t forget to grow and update your custom audiences and run retargeting campaigns.

What is the winning format? Make your TikTok video authentic, informative and entertaining. Present the product from your customer’s point of view: use UGC style features, unpack, use, show how the subject of your video changes your customer’s quality of life.

Important: be careful with trends! TikTok changes amazingly fast, trends and challenges run out in 1-2 days, and if you base everything on them, when the performance of your video really matters, it will already be an “expired record”.

YouTube – Give your channel a role in the Black Friday campaign in which the goal is not only more video views, but also some other engagement:

  • sign them up for a newsletter;
  • direct viewers to your online store from the video description;
  • use YouTube’s built-in linking tools (e.g. top right pop-up link that takes the visitor to the website);
  • the Black Friday video should be interesting – it should not only convey the fact of the sale, but should also show the Black Friday offer of 1-2 featured products or really interesting information about your ecommerce store.

Article originally posted by Growww Digital as “Black Friday és ünnepi időszak 2022-ben – online marketing tippek

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