January 31, 2023

Why is project management important in marketing?


Managing or running a marketing activity such as a campaign or strategy involves planning and executing specific tasks. These tasks are carried out by marketing specialists under the supervision of a project manager. He or she uses a variety of skills, tools and methodologies to ensure the success of the marketing effort within the agreed time and without exceeding the budget.

Now that we’ve defined project management in marketing, let’s take a look at some of the ways it helps the agency, and by extension, you.

1. Facilitates the planning process

Planning is the first and often the most difficult phase of a marketing campaign. It involves briefing marketing specialists, assigning various tasks and providing information about the project in general.

The importance of effective communication and collaboration during this phase cannot be underestimated. A well-adjusted and informed marketing team can go from the planning phase to the implementation of a marketing campaign or strategy in half the time. This is thanks to good project management.

2. It helps to optimize team communication

An often overlooked but important part of marketing is communication. Good project management helps marketers communicate effectively from start to finish. 

Marketing agencies use communication and project management systems like Slack and Basecamp to ensure that team members are always in touch and communicating. Communication is a key element of successful marketing campaigns.

3. It helps with project monitoring

Marketing activities need to be constantly reviewed and monitored from launch to completion. Effective project management is a great way to achieve this.

Ongoing evaluation is a common process to measure progress. The project manager compares the results against forecasts and can reallocate budgets, tasks and mitigate risks based on those results. With a project manager overseeing the entire campaign, a marketing agency can easily deal with any problem that may arise.

4. Creates chemistry and synergy

When it comes to marketing, team chemistry is of the utmost importance. Take for example a sports team that trains and plays together. Over time, the players understand each other better, and they know what to expect from each other. This brings positive results. A good project manager is like a football coach.

He or she ensures that each marketing specialist has a clearly defined role in the project and brings people together to deliver the best possible outcome for the team.


Project management is a key element in marketing. Without it, a marketing agency can suffer from unclear goals, missed deadlines, work overload and poorly delivered projects.

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