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You probably already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for increasing your business’s online visibility. But do you also know that your social media presence should also be SEO-optimized? In this article, we’ll briefly explain how your social and SEO projects can complement and help each other to make your brand’s online presence as effective as possible.

How do social media and SEO connect?

Instagram, Pinterest and especially TikTok have fundamentally changed online content consumption habits. If you ask a young person today where they look for inspiration for DIY home decor, for example, they probably wouldn’t mention Google as their first or even third choice; instead, they are more likely to mention a social media platform. The keyword here is “search.”

After all, why would we search and browse lengthy articles on Google when we can get the same knowledge from a 1-2 minute video? And in a simpler, faster, easier and a more entertaining format. 

The trend of shifting a part of searches towards social media gives us the reason for the closer integration of social and SEO.

What are the benefits of social SEO?

Increased online visibility

Your social media content can be said to be SEO-optimized if it provides answers to what users are searching for. By doing so, your posts become relevant and valuable, meeting users’ needs for information at the right time and place. 

Increase website traffic

Another major benefit of an SEO-optimized social presence is increased website traffic. A typical example is to promote the visibility of your keyword research-based blog articles on social media by including links in your posts, thus widening the reach of potential customers interested in your brand and increasing your website traffic. However, it’s essential to tightly integrate your social and SEO projects, such as within a data-driven content strategy based on search keywords.

Silo free thinking

To achieve your business goals effectively, it’s essential that the business units or colleagues responsible for your online presence work together, and not just within their own boundaries. For example, have the SEO Specialist and Social Media Manager plan a content strategy together, but even more forward-thinking is to include the PPC Manager in the process. Wondering how this can be implemented in everyday practice? We promise we’ll get there in the article soon!  

How can you SEO optimize your social media presence?

Build on relevant keywords

Everywhere! Incorporate relevant keywords in your content strategy, video scripts, image descriptions, hashtags, and even in your video previews! This helps the algorithm deliver your content to the most relevant audience.

Use hashtags consciously

As mentioned above, hashtags should also reference keywords, and these hashtags should be the focus of your post texts as well. Identify the most relevant keywords and hashtags for your brand and build a conscious hashtag strategy around them.

Create a content matrix based on search terms

This brings us to the most exciting everyday practice of SEO-optimized social media presence: keyword research-based content strategy!

While this expression may sound scary at first, it’s actually a real wow-strategic crutch that outlines for you how to plan content based on searches, targeting specific platforms and audiences. You may wonder what makes it so exciting? The fact that in this matrix, we approach things from the users’ perspective, not just pushing them through a sales funnel. But what makes it even more thrilling? The collaboration of social, SEO, and PPC within this strategy.


While in the past, we could only mention YouTube alongside Google as a search channel, it is now evident that this trend has encompassed multiple social media platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram.

Article originally posted by Intren, under the title: MI AZ A SOCIAL SEO, ÉS MIÉRT FONTOS A MÁRKÁDNAK?

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