July 6, 2022

New YouTube Video Campaign Capabilities – Take Advantage Of Them Today!


Video campaigns are not only a great way to increase brand recognition, but also to increase sales. That is why it is so important to use them in marketing activities. Recently, a few novelties have appeared that can be an interesting supplement to promotional activities on YouTube or help in creating them. Check how to promote your brand!

Build your brand, i.e. Video Reach Campaign Mixes

Video Reach Campaign Mixes is a new type of Google Ads video campaign that is currently available in the Beta version. Its main purpose is to generate reach. It is therefore an ideal format for reaching a new audience.

This campaign is a combination of the following formats:

  • Bumper Ads – a 6-second ad that cannot be skipped;
  • Skippable In-stream – a skippable advertisement with a recommended length of up to 30 seconds, which allows the user to skip it after 5 seconds;
  • Non-skippable In-stream – an ad that lasts up to 15 seconds. The user cannot skip it.

When it comes to building awareness, the most effective combination will be the  Bumper Ads + Non-skippable format. This combination will provide a greater increase in brand recognition than when using single campaigns for both of these formats.

The combination of the Bumper Ads + Skippable In-stream format is an ideal solution for building reach among recipients.

The Google advertising system decides when Bumper or the skippable or non-skippable format is displayed. This is to maximize the reach with a reduced cost of acquiring a unique user.

Create a campaign focused on a specific goal, i.e. Video Action Campaign

The Video Action campaign has been available in the Google Ads panel for some time. This type of campaign, compared to other video campaigns and the above-mentioned Video Reach Campaign, focuses on enhancing performance activities. It can be optimized for a specific cost of acquisition (CPA), which is an advantage for many advertisers – especially for e-commerce and lead generation businesses.

Video Action Campaign uses all skippable video formats (In-stream and In-feed). So the material should be at least 10 seconds. A good idea to increase the effectiveness of the campaign is to add a product file to it – the same one used in product campaigns or appropriate extensions, e.g. links to the subpage.

Source: https://www.tubefilter.com/2020/06/18/youtube-shoppable-ads-video-ad-campaigns/

Create effective ads yourself, i.e. the Ads Creative Studio tool

Ads Creative Studio is a tool that is designed to help marketers create interesting video material without the help of a professional. The tool combines features that were previously available on YouTube, Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager 360.

The new platform includes functions such as:

  • Director Mix –  allows you to create multiple versions of YouTube video ads with interchangeable elements;
  • Dynamic delivery and HTML 5 – allows you to generate custom ad creatives for Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360;
  • Audio mixer and dynamic audio – a way to quickly and efficiently create audio ads for Display & Video 360.

A tool like Ads Creative Studio can prove especially useful for facilitating collaboration between the creative team and the technical campaign team. Both parties can see what content has been shared and what the results are. To access Ads Creative Studio, complete the form available here: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2389093?hl=pl


https://blog.google/products/ads-commerce/ads-creative-studio-launch-cannes/ https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/10147229?hl=en

Article originally posted by Bluerank as “Nowe możliwości kampanii wideo na YouTube – wykorzystaj je już dziś!

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