May 5, 2023

How to create a Google Tag Manager account and grant agency access


Google Tag Manager is a very handy tool for marketing your website. Thanks to it, we don’t have to approach programmers with every measurement, pixel or remarketing integration, but we can set it up directly.

What is Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager, GTM for short, is actually 1 code that you (or your programmer) put on your website and in this code all the tracking tags, pixels and settings can already be done directly by the agency without the intervention of the programmer. So instead of codes for:

– Google Analytics

– Google Ads conversions

– Facebook Pixel

– Cookie Consent

– Google Ecommerce Sales Measurement

– and much more

One Google Tag Manager is enough.

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How to create / register a Google Tag Manager account

Sign in

Open and sign in with your Google account. Your Gmail account is sufficient for this. If you are logged in, you will immediately see the option “Create account”.

Create a Google Tag Manager account

Create an account and container for your website

Fill in the basic information:

Account name – ideally the name of your company. You can have multiple projects or websites on one account. Select the country.

Container name. Think of a container as a box in which you will have all the codes and tracking tags for one website. That is, everything for one project in one place.

Select Web from target / target platform. And click on Create

Setting basic Google Tag Manager account parameters

Confirm agreement with the terms and conditions

Check the consent box and click Yes 

Add the code to your website

Send this code to your programmer (with information what should go to HEAD and what should go to BODY). Send it to him as text and not as a printscreen, he wouldn’t be able to transcribe it.

Or if you are using WordPress or other CMS solution add the ID tag manager.

Done. When you have sent the code to the administrator, click on the cross.

Now grant the agency access

Click on Admin and then on User Management:

User management in Google Tag Manager

In the following window, add your administrator’s email using this button:

A new window will open where you can enter the email:

Adding an admin in Google Tag Manager

Note: It is very important that we have rights at the Administrator level.

This is just so that we can have the rights to publish our changes. Otherwise, we would be unable to do practically anything in GTM and you would have to confirm every change we make.

And now we’re off to pump up your online marketing campaigns 💪.

Originally posted by GoUp, under the title Ako vytvoriť účet Google Tag Manager a udeliť prístup agentúre

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