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1. What is artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of copywriting?

2. Application of artificial intelligence in content marketing

3. AI Copywriting – writing with the help of a content generator

4. How does Google react to AI copywriting?

5. Artificial intelligence – threat or opportunity for automation?

5. a. AI content generators save time

5. b. Artificial intelligence assists copywriters in the creative process

5. c. AI in content marketing vs. ethics of created content

Did you know that more than 60% of people on the Internet marketing industry in Poland use AI for copywriting? These are the conclusions of the report “How is SEO changing?”, prepared by WhitePress. Artificial Intelligence has many shades, but is it really something to be afraid of? From the article you will learn what AI is, how it affects content marketing and whether the copywriter’s job is at risk.

1. What is artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of copywriting?

Until recently associated only with science-fiction cinema, today widely known and widely available – artificial intelligence (AI – Artificial Intelligence) has become an important part of life. It creates personalized advertising, comes in the form of chatbots and useful voice assistants. However, its capabilities are not limited to the needs of the ordinary web user – thanks to continuous development (including in the direction of understanding natural language), it is also becoming a useful tool in the hands of copywriters.

What is artificial intelligence? The most common definition states that it is a field of science that, with the help of complex algorithms and collected data, seeks to imitate human intelligence

Improving the operation of AI subsets, like machine learning, has led to effective processing and analysis of information and making decisions based on it.

The AI revolution is enabling rapid development for entrepreneurs, but what is its significance in the context of copywriting? Artificial intelligence provides a chance to quickly create content that is a useful source of information from the perspective of the web user. It allows us to understand the needs of readers by interpreting search results and relying on numerous statistical data.

2. Application of artificial intelligence in content marketing

A popular proverb in Poland says that “fear has big eyes.” In the case of content marketing, AI is worth considering as a companion that inspires, helps and even somewhat helps you in your daily work. Although in the case of the digital market, artificial intelligence has only recently gained importance, its application is becoming wider – AI opens many marketing doors!

Application of AI in content marketing:

I. thorough analysis of key phrases and topics,

II. precise determination of user intent,

III. better understanding of the target audience,

IV. more specific marketing strategy,

V. exhaustive data analysis,

VI. AI text generation.

The advantage of artificial intelligence in content marketing is primarily automation. The human factor is still extremely important – in order for a text to have a “soul”, a human is indispensable.

If it is possible to write faster and without any loss for the user, it is certainly worthwhile and even necessary to go beyond the copywriter’s comfort zone. Why treat an AI content generator as an enemy, when it can turn out to be an ally?

3. AI Copywriting – writing with the help of a content generator

The use of artificial intelligence during content creation is not just a trend for 2023. AI will more or less accompany copywriters in their daily work for years to come – perhaps even forever.

With AI text generators, you can:

a. prepare an article template,

b. generate headlines,

c. reduce the time needed for research,

d. create content tailored to user intent.

Will artificial intelligence write the text, replacing humans? Maybe, although currently it is not the best solution. Cooperation is much more advisable – content generators are not perfect.

a. In the case of very specialized content, factual and logical errors can happen.

b. Bad syntax and grammar can be problematic, and this definitely affects the quality of the text.

c. Artificial intelligence is not immune to fake news.

d. Despite being given key phrases, it can’t always handle them, so SEO optimization is a must.

In order for this cooperation to be effective, a copywriter is necessary. Nevertheless, correcting “after someone” takes less time than creating content yourself from scratch.

With AI content generator, you are able to write:

I. a blog article,

II. sponsored text,

III. product and category descriptions,

IV. emailing content,

V. Q&A section.

AI in content marketing helps in moments when there’s a lack of inspiration, and makes things easier when the topic is difficult. Moreover, it speeds up content creation, especially if the theme is repetitive and there are more and more texts to write.

If you want to start your adventure with AI copywriting, the following tools and platform can help, the Surfer SEO tool (Content Editor) or Content Intelligence Contadu platform (Content Writer).

4. How does Google react to AI copywriting?

Although Google itself uses artificial intelligence to match content to user intent, it could not remain indifferent to the growing importance of AI in content marketing.

According to official information, on 25.08.2022 Google announced another algorithm change – Google Helpful Content. The task of the new ranking factor is to even better adjust the content to the needs of users and to catch spam. The change applies to both the latest texts and content that has been available on the Internet for a long time. Even very substantive and qualitative articles can be ranked worse if there is no shortage of spam on the site. In such a situation, it’s better to remove what Google robots don’t like, so as not to lose visibility and traffic – then there may be no turning back.

How to satisfy both Google and the designated target audience? Balance is best! When the AI text generator only supports the copywriter during the work, and in addition, the content and language level of the content created in this way is high, then there is a good chance that Google robots will evaluate the whole thing positively.

5. Artificial intelligence – a threat or an opportunity for automation?

The development of artificial intelligence is gaining momentum. Therefore, it is not surprising that copywriters are feeling scared – after all, AI is great at creating content and, by the way, it does that very quickly. Is artificial intelligence a threat to copywriters? Or is it an opportunity for automation? It all depends on your point of view!

5. a. AI content generators save time

The first, undoubted advantage of AI is that it saves precious minutes in content creation. Generating headlines, mid-headlines and even whole paragraphs takes literally seconds and does not require special preparation from the copywriter – all he needs to do is use the right keywords and… click a button.

5. b. Artificial intelligence assists copywriters in the creative process

Every copywriter knows the feeling – a lack of inspiration. However, using an intelligent writing assistant, this problem can be resolved once and for all. AI can generate a coherent text in a minute and does not know the concept of creative block. Such assistance from artificial intelligence can delay the first symptoms of job burnout in copywriters, thus allowing them to work more efficiently for a longer period of time.

5. c. AI in content marketing vs. ethics of created content

AI is an opportunity and a challenge at the same time – misused artificial intelligence can do more harm than good. Current AI content generators are not the best at recognizing ethical boundaries, so the content created must be controlled by a human. Tactless phrases, negative expressions or insubstantial information can be harmful, sometimes leading to serious consequences.

Whether a copywriter has a short product description to create or is in the process of creating an elaborate article, artificial intelligence should only be seen as an aid to the job. It’s an opportunity to efficiently automate content, counteract writer’s block and increase motivation to work. However, it should be remembered that AI must remain in check, and the texts it generates – should always be checked by a human.

Article originally wrote by Kamila Malec and Zuzanna Wosik for Bluerank posted under the title Sztuczna inteligencja (AI) a copywriting – rozwiązanie przyszłości czy zagrożenie dla contentowców?

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