January 25, 2023

8 digital marketing trends in 2023


At the start of each new year, we like to look back at the previous year, reflect and prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead. In digital marketing, we can also reflect on which strategies worked and which were less effective. 

As we enter a new year, there are also new trends in digital marketing. So we can incorporate old best practices into our strategy for the year ahead while also considering new trends in digital marketing.

What is changing, and what is staying the same? We have prepared an in-depth article on 8 digital marketing trends for 2023.

The prevalence of artificial intelligence and machine learning

One of the biggest trends in recent times, and one that continues into 2023, is certainly the rise of AI and machine learning being integrated into every step of digital marketing. What’s more, AI is part of every digital marketing platform. 

We’ve already talked about GA4, the latest version of Google analytics that will completely replace the existing universal analytics in June 2023, and the new Performance Max campaign type – both based on AI and machine learning for better data insights and better results with advertising.

Social media algorithms also keep pace – determining which content and ads we see the most of, and so on. Bringing AI into digital marketing allows us to connect customers with the right products and services, helping us to improve the customer experience.

SEO optimization for visibility and higher conversions

One of the main goals of digital marketing is to make our content visible on the platforms that are key to communicating with our target audience. Especially on a search engine like Google, we want to be visible when people are looking for solutions or answers to questions. 

Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) will continue to be very important in 2023 to drive more traffic to your websites and, as a result, more conversions. Given the saturation of the web and the complexity of the algorithm on Google, it is also likely for SEO to be one of your most significant investments, and one that, over time and with consistent work, can soon turn in your favor.

Focus on user experience

Given the size of the digital space and the proliferation of competing offers, it will be more important than ever in 2023 to provide the best possible user experience. 

Brand recognition and price benefits are no longer key factors in a customer’s buying decision. More important is the overall experience the customer has with our brand. Thus, building a relationship with our customers from the first contact to maintaining communication after the purchase is vital to developing customer loyalty to our brand. 

Source: https://www.superoffice.com/blog/customer-experience-statistics/

This brings the trend towards an omnichannel approach – the integrated use of multiple communication channels that work in harmony with each other to ensure that users receive relevant content at every step – depending, of course, on the phase of the purchase process they are in (first purchase incentive, post-purchase phase, etc.).

AI-based algorithms and SEO tactics help us with that because they mostly have one primary purpose – to improve the user experience. Social media algorithms focus on displaying content relevant to the user based on their past searches. At the same time,  SEO strategies are increasingly focused on delivering the most helpful content  to the user.

The most important characteristics of a good user experience are fast response times, consistency of communication between different channels, trained staff interacting with users, and clear messaging (*).

Creating short video content

With the growing popularity of short video content on social networks, helped by the shrinking attention spans of users, content creation trends have already started to change in 2022. In  2023, the trend for shorter video content, as seen on TikTok or Instagram, will only increase.

Therefore, companies must include this format of communication with users in their marketing strategy for 2023. It is important to focus on creating short and compelling messages that speak directly to the user and point out how the product or service can help them solve their challenges. 

Focus on User Generated Content (UGC)

Integrating influencer marketing into your marketing strategy is nothing new. Most companies with an online presence work with influencers to help them promote their products or services. Companies are now looking for new ways to be more innovative and creative in creating effective content for online networks.  One way is to get user-generated content (UGC), not just influencer-generated content. Such content is often free, given by actual users of your products/services; it is definitely more authentic than paid content, increases other users’ trust in your brand, and improves your overall brand reputation.

It is particularly important to get video content, photos, and testimonials from existing customers who have already tried your products or services, as this content can then be used for other channels, such as advertising. The trend of integrating UGC into the  content on the  website, social networks, and advertising platforms will continue to grow in 2023.

The importance of mobile optimization

It is a fact that users are spending more and more time on their phones, both for browsing the web and for online shopping. In 2022, users made 56% of all online sales on their phones, and this number  is expected to increase even more  in 2023 (*). 

It is, therefore, important that, as online providers, you improve the mobile experience through your website, emails, and other channels through which you communicate with users.

The growing importance of social responsibility and sustainability

The general trend towards greater social and environmental responsibility rapidly spreads into the digital world. Users’ brand loyalty is also linked to brand values that address social and environmental challenges, such as respect for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, gender inequality, and global warming. 

In 2023, companies that incorporate efforts related to the above challenges into their vision and marketing strategy will not only become companies that contribute to solving social and environmental problems. They will also be able to more effectively approach  Generation Z consumers and millennials, who place a high value on these issues.

Social networks are becoming a tool to help customers

Source:  https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/hubspot-blog-marketing-industry-trends-report

One of the fairly new trends for 2023 is the use of social networks to support and help customers. As social networks are also becoming an increasingly important e-commerce channel, e-commerce companies, in particular, will be able to use them for customer support and assistance. According to some statistics, using social networks to provide customer support and service has the third-highest ROI of all marketing trends, which is predicted to increase in 2023.

This trend goes hand in hand with increased shopping directly on social networks (such as Instagram shop). Statistics show that at least 30% of Gen Z users or millennials have purchased a product directly on social media in the last 3 months (*).

Originally posted by Dinetix, as 8 trendov digitalnega marketinga za leto 2023.

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