Conversion Attribution & Media Optimization (Bluerank)

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Today’s ecommerce systems are overly complicated and include a lot of components.

If any of them “go down” or malfunction, you can lose online revenue.

Failures are hard to detect as they often pop up in only some cases; usually not the whole website becomes unusable. Such revenue leaks are very costly and often discovered too late.


Warningo is an intelligent real-time alert system that sends you a signal if something seems to malfunction or is likely to break in your complex system.

It can help with not only detecting technical issues but also identifying unexpected changes in critical business metrics, thus saving you money or help generate more.


Warningo will save your business profits if anything goes wrong in your e-com infrastructure. It facilitates real-time reports, signals and detects if any of your key metrics are “out of range”, providing you with an option to act fast or automatically pause paid campaigns.

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