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Innovation, disruption, and balance

These days, we are all using marketing channels and tools that did not exist 3 years ago.

Yet, we all expect accountability and predictable business results. We are here to provide a mix of innovation and bulletproof marketing execution based on international standards.

INTREN is a team of over 50 professionals, headquartered in Budapest, serving over 20 markets in several languages. We do hold all possible badges and certifications needed for our work, and we are proud that INTREN is a highly-awarded team in the region with credentials and certificates from global performance marketing competitions. INTREN is a founding member of CEEDA and a proud partner of many regional suppliers and specialists.

We are here to help clients start up, scale up or just be better in the digital space. As a key partner of Google, Facebook, and global ad networks, we can provide an ideal mix of strategy and execution, while always working towards carefully-set KPIs and business goals.

Opportunity goes to the prepared, and we try hard to keep an edge. Get in touch with us – we are ready to discuss your digital challenges.

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